Posted by : Global Minions 30 November 2014

"Are we getting married?"- Namgoong Min on first meeting in Hakdong Park (e214)

"I want to get married", said Hong Jinyoung (e214)

"Hong Jinyoung is bright and pure as well, I think she'll be a good girl friend but I think I like her as a wife." - What Namgoong Min said about Hong Jinyoung after first meeting (e215)

"Namgoong Min is a great guy as a husband. He is caring, and does thing his wife wants. He can take care of me and well mannered. Then, he is a great husband out of a 100."- What Hong Jinyoung said about Namgoong Min after first meeting (e215)

"Do you want to live in my house?" - Jinyoung offer Namgoong Min to live in her house.

"You better stop me if I rush into him." - Namgoong Min jealously to Hong Jinho

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