Namgoong Min  Hong Jinyoung
남궁민 南宮玟 || 홍진 洪真

38 years old || 31 years old

Actor || Singer

How did they meet
They meet on We Got Married season 4, after Shin Dongyup had recommended Hong Jinyoung and the producers found out that Hong Jinyoung wants to really get married trough the WGM program, then the WGM’s staff showed Hong Jinyoung’s photo and asked Namgoong Min’s thought, and he said that Hong Jinyoung is not his ideal type, but he like how she always honest.
When producers decided to set them up, each of them was given a box with a smart phone inside. The smart phone showed them each other's location on a map so they just had to track each other's movements and meet at some point. Believe it or not, this couple lives in the same neighborhood. Eventually, Namgoong Min ended up in the neighborhood park (Hakdong Park) and then decided to wait for his wife. Tired from walking but excited nonetheless, Hong Jinyoung tried to sneak up behind her husband and surprise him.
On their first meeting,they both got a surprise. However, because neither one expected their partner. He was doubtful about her being his wife because she was the one member of the WGM’s panel. She was hesitant because she couldn't remember his name even if she recognized his face and said he was really average. They both expecting younger idol.  
   Another misunderstanding arose when Hong Jinyoung tried some aegyo on her new husband, causing him to wonder, “Is she acting cute?” In return, Namgoong Min’s gentle speech and manner caused another misunderstanding, with Hong Jinyoung wondering, “Is he pretending to be attentive?”.
Despite their awkward first meeting and opposite personalities, the two are enjoying an incredibly long marriage filled with fun, laughter, honest and sweet moments. It’s just goes to show that love comes in the most unexpected ways.

Fandom Name
 MinYoung Couple Fans

3 Words to describe couple 
 Honest  Fun  Soulmate
Always tell honestly feeling and effort, even embarrassment statement and dislike things.
Always have fun on their own way and make people laugh.
Although they have opposite personalities, they match each other like a soulmate.

“As my husband, Namgoong Min, and as a human being, Namgoong Min, I really fell in love with him. Seriously! My husband is the best.” – Hong Jinyoung’s WGM interview episode 233 after Namgoong Min helps her to cross the rope bridge on barrack experience.

“To me, Hong Jinyoung is deer antler juice. It tasted really bitter when I first tried it, and I was shocked because of that. But it has become my blood, my flesh, and everything that's good for my body.” – Namgoong Min describes Hong Jinyoung on episode 231.

“Jinyoung, a long time has passed since we started WGM. Without you, I don’t think I would be able to laugh this brightly and everything would be hard. I am always thankful, thank you for becoming my wife.” – Namgoong Min’s letter for Hong Jinyoung’s 30th birthday.

“We really sync 100%. I felt that we're really made for each other.” – Hong Jinyoung on episode 223.

“We will love each other forever.” – Namgoong Min on episode 252 after gondola kisses.


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